Burgundy wines

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Imbued with all the nuances of their terroir, Burgundy wines are what make the region so special. Among these great classics, Maison Calvet reveals a meticulous selection on which it has built its reputation: White Burgundy, Red Burgundy, Meursault, Chablis and Pouilly Fuissé. Unmistakable wines, renowned all over the world for their uniqueness and the diversity of their aromatic expression.

Discover the wines of Burgundy and their climates, like no other in the world

Listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015, Burgundy has more than 1,500 climates recognised for their exceptional characteristics and 84 protected Appellations of Controlled Origin (AOC). These climates offer a wonderful geographic variation of crus, ranging from dry, white Chablis with a mineral quality to the whites and reds of the Côte d’Or.

Now the epicentre of wine tourism today, the history of the climates and lieux-dits of Burgundy, begins more than a thousand years ago, in the Gallo-Roman era. Nevertheless, it was not until the 11th century that the Cistercian monks formalised vineyard work. Then, in the 15th century, the quality of the wines was finally celebrated by the Dukes of Burgundy, then owners of many vineyards. Economic and political prosperity meant that the great wines of Burgundy gained a reputation in France and across Europe.

The many legendary appellations, from terroir with a well-established rural character to the land of the Knights of Tastevin, illustrate the wealth of this magnificent region shaped over time.

Burgundy: a family passion for viticulture

Although originally from Bordeaux and known for its eagle emblem, the Calvet family was interested in Burgundy wines as early as the 1880s. Octave, the son of the founder, physically established Maison Calvet there by creating a subsidiary in the heart of the town of Beaune, offering iconic appellations.

The Bastion des Hospices, the Tour des Billes and the Tour des Poudres form the family’s architectural legacy of this flourishing past. This prestigious company has passed on its viticultural expertise and established itself as one of the most important wine trading companies in Burgundy.

Burgundy wines: an authentic tasting experience with Calvet

Thanks to its international reputation and selection of iconic wines from the region, Maison Calvet has earned its prestigious name by crafting exceptional wines, year after year. Unique grape varieties form a comprehensive colour palette, revealing elegance, fruitiness and singularity.

Chardonnay, responsible for Meursault and Chablis, is one of the iconic wine grapes of Burgundy. Another true icon of Burgundy’s vineyards is pinot noir, a red grape from Grande Bourgogne. And finally there is gamay, a grape variety with southern accents and a favourite for the great red wines of the Mâconnais, recognised as the grape that gives Beaujolais its fruitiness.

— Tuesday 31 October 2023 by Olivier