Each and every Calvet wine has its own unique style.

A family story

Jean-Marie Calvet founded his wine merchant business at the age of 29, in 1818, giving rise to Maison Calvet.

18 Z Fonds Calvet, AM de Beaune.
Jean-Marie Calvet


From 1890 onwards, exports made Calvet one of France’s leading wine merchants. It was truly a firm ahead of its time.

200 years

more than 200 years later, one family is still at the helm of Maison Calvet.

Famille Helfrich

At the heart of 7 wine-making regions in France.

Today, Maison Calvet operates in every region of France, allowing you to explore the diversity and breadth of its terroirs. Set off on a tour of France through its vineyards.

Serge De Bucy – Bourgogne

Passionate men and women

Nicolas Haeffelin – Alsace

Calvet, reflecting
the richness
of our regions

Our philosophy is to produce wines that reflect the unique terroir of each French region.

The wines of our regions

Embark on a unique journey through our terroirs with their hidden treasures

Calvet brings out the best of each region


Calvet Kitchen:

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