four values,
one identity


Today, Calvet is a well-known name and an indicator of quality, with comprehensive expertise in the wine-making process, from grape-growing to bottling.

The first wine house to be awarded the “Prestige of France” diploma, in 1958.

A well-known name and an indicator of quality


Close to people and the land


The Calvet style, vintage after vintage


Responsible practices

Our bottles

Our bottles have been highly appreciated by several great historical figures.

Bordeaux vineyards
Chablis vineyards


Unique wine-making

We strive to work as closely as possible with France’s regions, respecting their identity, reflecting their terroir and showcasing the personality of each wine.

The fathers of modern oenology, Emile Peynaud and Jean Ribéreau Gayon, contributed to the firm’s skills in the 1930s.

Exploring new frontiers for the future

Calvet is currently exploring new regions, such as Alsace, the Loire Valley and Provence, to provide a host of new experiences.

Wines produced at the heart of each region

We strive to produce our wines in the most beautiful wine-growing regions of France, as close as possible to the local terroir.

The only international PDO brand with its own vinification processes.

1,700 wine-growing families work every day to bring the Calvet name to life.


Our expertise lies in creating exceptional wines. We carefully select our plots for their unique terroir, and we craft distinctive and unique wines in line with Maison Calvet’s identity.


A legitimate brand

As reflected in the continuity between the past and the present, our skills, our 200-year history, our long-term stability, and our presence in multiple regions.


Calvet is always in tune with the times

Popular wines

One bottle is uncorked every 3 seconds in 140 countries around the world.