The biggest wine competitions

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Every year, a host of wine competitions are organised in France and internationally to reward the best wine production through rigorous selection and impartial tasting. Calvet, a prestigious House that has been awarded over a hundred medals for its quality wines, presents the world’s top wine competitions.

Les Vinalies, a wine competition organised by French oenologists

Les Vinalies, one of the most influential competitions in the world, showcases expertise, the finest terroirs and the best wines from France and elsewhere. The winning wines are selected impartially by recognised oenologists and experts in the world of wine.

Concours International de Lyon: wines, beers and spirits

Lyon, the capital of French gastronomy, hosts this international competition every year. Represented by 51 countries and supported by renowned partners, this event rewards the world’s finest wines, beers and spirits. A ranking of wines according to numerous criteria (appellation, vintage, grape varieties, etc.) and a scoring system based on the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) makes this Lyon competition a guarantee of quality recognition.

Concours des Vins de Bordeaux – Vins d’Aquitaine

Accredited by the French Ministry of Agriculture and organised by the Chamber of Agriculture of Gironde, this competition is the Aquitaine wine industry’s top event. It aims to support and promote winemakers and cooperative wineries. Several hundred medals are awarded each year by 1,000 tasters selected from among a host of vine and wine professionals, as well as experienced enthusiasts.

Terre des Vins Wine Competition

This competition, organised each year by the journalists of Terre de Vins, a leading French wine and lifestyle media outlet, showcases favourites selected from among recent medal-winning wines.

Effervescents du Monde – Best Sparkling Wines in the World

Organised by the Association Forum Œnologie, this competition brings together more than 20 countries, 500 samples and 80 expert panellists from all over the world each year, where the guiding principles are: diversity, quality and rigour.

There are many other wine competitions in France and abroad that are recognised in the sector, such as the Brussels competition or:

IWC Concours – International Wine Contest.

Considered the most rigorous and influential wine competition in the world, the IWC professional jury is composed of key players in the wine industry, buyers, experts and business decision-makers. Every year, a three-phase blind tasting is organised to assess and award the best wines from among 52 producer countries represented.

Berline Wine Trophy

Considered one of the most prestigious competitions in Europe, the Berliner Wine Trophy attracts participants from all over the world. The wine competition takes place twice a year in the German capital. It is the most important tasting of wines meeting the highest quality standards and bringing together both renowned producers and distributors.

— Monday 25 September 2023 by Olivier