Maison Calvet’s French vineyards and exclusive châteaux

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Discover the finest French vineyards, famous for their grands crus, as well as the renowned châteaux of Maison Calvet in the Bordeaux region. The wines are among the most famous in the world for their finesse, elegance and complexity.

Bordeaux, exceptional wine country and a favourite place for Maison Calvet’s châteaux

Famed around the world for its rich wine heritage and countless wine-making estates, Bordeaux is France’s top AOC vineyard in terms of surface area. The Bordeaux vineyard area boasts almost 65 AOCs and 2 IGP wine appellations. This prestigious French vineyard area produces the world’s top red wines, as well as famous white wines, rosés and crémants.

It is in this beautiful region of South-West France that Maison Calvet was founded in 1850, before becoming a key Bordeaux trading house. Bordeaux is also home to Maison Calvet’s largest châteaux. The wines from these châteaux are made in the traditional way, offering you all the authenticity and elegance of the Bordeaux’s greatest terroirs.

Calvet Château Saint-Germain

Located in the Bordeaux region, Château Saint-Germain is a red wine, a Bordeaux Supérieur from Domaine Calvet. It is a blend of 50% merlot, 30% cabernet sauvignon, 15% cabernet franc and 5% petit verdot.

Calvet Château Mauriac

This Bordeaux AOC red wine is made from a blend of 3 grape varieties from the French vineyards: merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. It is especially popular for its woody notes and red and black fruits.

Calvet Château Saint Grégoire

Located in Prignac in Médoc, Château Saint Grégoire is owned by the Goirand family. It is a 22-hectare estate, 16 hectares of which are vinified in private cellars, on mainly clay-limestone soils. This château is a blend of 75% merlot, 25% cabernet sauvignon and 5% petit verdot.

Calvet Vieux Château des Jouans

Located in Saint-Sulpice de Faleyrens, in Saint-Emilion, the Vieux Château Des Jouans has been owned by the Faure family for four generations. It is a wine with good ageing potential, made from a blend of 85% merlot and 15% cabernet sauvignon. It has a beautiful deep purple colour, with delicious spice and mineral aromas.

Cavet Château Roc Montalon

Nestled on the right bank of the Garonne, the estate extends over 12 hectares with a terroir particularly well suited to making quality wine. This Bordeaux Supérieur AOP is made from a blend of 83% merlot and 17% cabernet sauvignon. It boasts aromas of red berries and spices, with long-lasting and balanced notes on the palate.

Calvet Château Les Bouhets

Located in the municipality of Lèves et Thoumeyragues, this château has been run by the Basset family since 1932. It is balanced on the palate, a pleasant, natural wine that allows the terroir to shine through. A blend of 50% semillon, 30% sauvignon blanc and 20% muscadelle blend.

Overview of France’s key AOC vineyards

While Bordeaux is one of the world’s most prestigious wine-producing areas, six others in France have been awarded AOC classification for their grands crus. These wines are among the most famous in the world.

Vignoble d’Alsace 

Located in the north-east of France with a semi-continental climate, the Alsace vineyards produce around 70% dry and sweet white wines, 20% sparkling wines and 10% red wines. It has 3 AOC wine appellations.

Burgundy wine country

With its semi-oceanic, semi-continental climate, the Burgundy vineyards produce 61% dry white wines and 31% red and rosé wines. In total, the region has 83 AOC and 5 IGP wine appellations.

Rhône wine country

With mainly limestone and granite soils, the Rhône vineyards boast 28 AOC and 13 IGP wine appellations. They produce over 60% dry white wines, 31% red wines and around 8% rosé wines.

Beaujolais wine country

Often best known for its Beaujolais nouveau, the Beaujolais vineyards represent 95% red and rosé wines and just 5% dry white wines. The wines are particularly delicious and fruity. In total, this French vineyard area located below Mâcon has 12 AOCs and 2 IGPs.

Loire wine country

Loire wine country is made up of five vineyard areas, each with different characteristics. It produces predominantly dry and sweet white wines (45%), 23% red wines, 21% rosé wines and 11% sparkling wines.

Provence wine country

Known mainly for its fresh and delicate rosé wines, the Provence vineyards, along with Corsica produce 40% red wines and 5% white wines. The temperate Mediterranean climate contributes a great deal to the growth of the vines and the quality of the wines.
Have a look at our regional map to find out more about France’s vineyards.

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