Maison Calvet: an invitation to travel

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Beloved for its prestigious wines in more than 137 countries, Maison Calvet is a French success story, in which passion, tradition and craftsmanship go hand-in-hand with emotion. An authentic and contemporary brand with over 200 years of history. We look back at the family history of this renowned house.

Maison Calvet: a family story above all

The story begins in Pouzols, a small village in the Languedoc in Minervois. Founded in 1818 by Jean-Marie Calvet, whose family owned several vineyards, over the generations Calvet became one of France’s leading wine trading houses. The avant-garde Jean-Marie successfully established his brand in the Bordeaux wine trade, with the whole family soon joining the business.
His son, Octave, set up the headquarters of Maison Calvet in Bordeaux in 1850 and built the Cours de Médoc cellars in the Chartrons neighbourhood. Thirty years later, Jean Calvet, the grandson of the founder, opened a subsidiary in Beaune, in order to be as close as possible to the French wine regions. He offered iconic appellations and chose a royal eagle as the symbol of the House.

Calvet and the Helfrich Family: unique expertise and shared passion

In order to introduce the wealth of French terroirs to as many people as possible, Calvet has joined forces with the Helfrich family for its expertise and numerous wine estates. Their destinies are intertwined, with a desire to perpetuate this spirit of discovery and awaken the senses and palates, while adapting to the tastes of each consumer.

Originally from Alsace and a producer of wines and crémants, Joseph Helfrich founded his company, Les Grands Chais de France, in 1979. Fast-forward forty years and the whole family has a passion for viticulture and works to produce prestigious wines that are acclaimed all over the world. A viticultural company rooted in France’s finest terroirs, where tradition, modernity and authenticity are the key words of this great family adventure.

Calvet: the gold standard in French wines

Above all, Calvet is an unmistakable signature, a major multi-award-winning name in wine, present today on 5 continents across 137 countries.

A family passion for wine and vines that invites you to travel, like a Tour de France! Beginning with wines from Burgundy for its exceptional vines, whose selection of Grands Crus built Maison Calvet’s prestigious reputation. Unique and refined wines, with incredibly freshness and characterful grape varieties: Maison Calvet offers you a selection of fine wines with varying profiles to suit everyone’s tastes. An ode to French wines and their terroirs, like a promise of escape.

— Monday 8 January 2024 by Olivier